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December, 2017: Now also available, hard copy of The Great Liberation. The Thought System of A Course in Miracles by Margot Krikhaar. Printed on demand paperback edition by Amazon. (17,79 euro; choose: Taschenbuch)


September, 2017: Now available, the translation of “De grote bevrijding”: “The Great Liberation. The Thought System of A Course in Miracles”. This is Margots second book, in which she treats the theoretical foundation of A Course in Miracles in a way that makes it readily accessible to all.

All information: Inner Peace Publications

August, 2013: translation available of the article: “All the Money Belongs to Everyone“. See the Articles section.

May, 2013
Wednesday May 22nd, 2013 Margot gently laid her body aside. Her job in this world was completed, it was time to leave the earthly stage. In accordance with Margot’s wishes, the cremation took place on May 29th, among a small circle of family and friends.

Dineke Dekker wrote about Margots last hours: Letter to Margot.

A word from Margot
It gives me great pleasure that my first book, Awakening in Love, has now been translated into English, along with some of my articles about the Course. This means that many more Course students can access them.
In the first place, I would like to express my gratitude to everyone who contributed greatly to make these translations possible, especially the translator, Rogier Fentener van Vlissingen, the editor Lenore Dittmar and publisher Annelies Ekeler of Inner Peace Publications. Their co-operation resulted in a very accurate and beautiful translation of the materials.
Ever since the book was published in Dutch, in June 2010, I received a lot of positive reactions from Dutch and Belgian Course students. It seems that the book, which was written right from my heart, can be very helpful for students and lead to a better understanding of both practice and metaphysics of the Course. A lot of people also told me that my writings and the sharing of my own process – as it is described in Awakening in Love – encouraged them to continue their spiritual path of forgiveness, even through what sometimes seem to be dark and challenging periods in our lives.
It always makes me happy to hear that people feel motivated to practice the spiritual path of the Course, because in my experience it is a really beautiful one – and very effective, if one is willing to continue to do the “forgiveness-work”.
My writing about the Course always happens in Jesus’ loving presence and under his direct inspiration. He wants to help all of us, as our inner teacher, just as he is helping me. So I feel very thankful that he is using me as his instrument. We all are here only to be truly helpful and to be a channel of God’s Love.

“Our Love awaits us as we go to Him, and walks beside us showing us the way. He fails in nothing. He the End we seek, and He the Means by which we go to Him. (WpI.302.2)

The Spiritual Path of A Course in Miracles
awakeninginlovekleinFrom the back cover: Only too often our lives are an endless and exhausting struggle, full of unachieved goals and unsatisfactory relationships. We seem to live in a hostile world that engenders fear. We may have the feeling of being trapped, without knowing where the exit is. And the harder we run, the more we run aground.
For those who are looking for another way, the spiritual self-study book A Course in Miracles has come along. It is a spiritual path that leads us step by step towards awakening, or enlightenment. The Course shows us how we can raise our ego to awareness, and how we can subsequently make a radical change in our perception. This change from fear to love -the miracle- eventually helps us go past the ego entirely. We are not the fearful and separated “ego” we thought we were. This is how we rediscover our true Self. That is an experience of complete love and oneness.
In Awakening in Love, Margot Krikhaar describes with great clarity and honesty her own process of awakening with A Course in Miracles, with Jesus as her inner teacher. From the moment the Course came into her life, for eight years she recorded everything that she encountered in her process: the forgiveness lessons, the letting go, the fight with herself, and eventually the total surrender to the Love of God. Her personal story can support and encourage others.
The second part of the book shows in twelve concrete and accessible steps what exactly makes up the Course’s path of forgiveness and how this can be applied in our daily lives.
This book is a guide to enlightenment for anyone who is interested in the spiritual path of A Course in Miracles.

About the author
Margot Krikhaar was born in Australia, but when she was only three years old the family moved to Holland, the birthplace of her parents. She grew up in a small village in the province of Limburg and later lived in various places in Holland.
After studying Dutch, she had several professions (including editor with a publisher of children’s books, editor of travel guides, and assistant to a works council) and was a counselor and trainer in her own practice.
She always experienced her life as a learning process and a path of development.
Her search led her to start painting, which put her in touch with deeper emotional layers of herself. That in turn led her to undergo several courses of therapy, both as an individual and in groups. On the basis of her own experiences, she decided to start guiding others in their transformation process.
The path of development that she took was not only a search for herself, but also for God. The need to turn inward and for spirituality grew steadily. She became acquainted with various forms and approaches and got inspiration from them all. When finally A Course in Miracles showed up in her life, she knew intuitively that this was her spiritual path and that Jesus was her teacher. The Course has since become her most important guide and inspiration.
Margot Krikhaar was active until 2011 as a teacher of A Course in Miracles. She has coached year-long groups, has given lectures, and has held workshops and retreats. Because of illness, she has stopped her teaching activities. Her first book was published in Dutch in 2010 and in English translation in 2012 (as an e-book). Her second book, on the metaphysics of A Course in Miracles, was published (in Dutch) in 2012 (not translated yet).

Ordering information and links
Margot’s first book, Awakening in Love. The Spiritual Path of A Course in Miracles, is available wherever e-books are sold. For all information, see: www.innerpeacepublications.com
You can read some of Rogier’s reflections on Awakening in Love and the translation process on his blog page: www.acimnabraham.blogspot.nl

This website contains numerous other supporting study materials and various articles by Margot about Course-related topics. Most of the site is in Dutch, but there are a few English translations of articles available. You can download them here in pdf.

All the Money Belongs to Everyone
English translation of the article, published in MIC Magazine 2011 nr.2
Introduction: In our ego-dominated world, you can attack others and imprison them, as well as crown your own specialness, and that is exactly what money is used for most often. But money can also serve another goal. “Money is not evil. It is nothing.” (P-3.III.1:5-6), says Jesus in the Psychotherapy pamphlet, one of the supplements to the Course.
Download the article.
See also the ‘Webinar‘ on YouTube (2013-8-21) where you can watch an introduction on Margot’s work and this article, with: Rogier Fentener van Vlissingen, Lenore Dittmar, Ken Bok and Alex Marchand.

Past the sentinels of darkness
Summary: The journey to our true Christ Self is a journey towards the light. We are light. Even if in truth you already are in that bright light, you often do not experience it that way. Instead, you feel grim and dark, in a world that you likewise perceive as grim and dark. To reach the light of Christ, you inevitably must first go through the darkness – the darkness in yourself, which seems to have swallowed all of the light. Crucial in the process is not to take the ego’s hand to enter your darkness, but to look at it, joined with the mild light of your inner teacher.
Download the article

The end of time
English translation of Margot’s last column in MIC Magazine 2012 nr.1
Summary: About the year ‘2012’ and how time ends any time when we choose for the holy instant.
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What happens after physical death?
A Course in Miracles teaches that our physical existence is an illusion, and that we are not really in a body. Therefore, in reality nothing happens at all when the body dies. Within our dream existence, however, death is an unknown event that often engenders fear – something we very much like to repress, making it invisible. That is absolutely not warranted. Familiarity with the meaning of “physical death” could be particularly helpful in light of your own death or that of a loved one. In this article, I explore what happens – in a spiritual sense – during the body’s dying process and after its death.
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